A wedding in the main sanctuary of Calvary Church at 277 Park Avenue S.

A wedding in the main sanctuary of Calvary Church at 277 Park Avenue S.

A wedding in the Chapel of St. George's at 4 Rutherford Place.

A wedding in the Chapel of St. George's at 4 Rutherford Place.

Film in, or Rent, our Beautiful & Historic Spaces

Film Friendly

Finding historic, landmark space in Manhattan that is also film-friendly can be difficult. With over 15 feature film or major TV projects shot in our buildings in 2011 we strive to make our beautiful space available and accommodating for your needs. Our staff works alongside of your location staff to make the process of filming in our space as easy as possible. For filming rental please contact us at646-723-4178.

Event Rentals

With four buildings in two communities we have the space to accommodate a large variety of groups and activities, from 1300 participants down to the smallest of groups. Our two historic church sanctuaries hold 800 and 1300 respectively. In addition our St. George's Chapel is perfect for gatherings up to 125 participants. Two meeting halls each hold up to 200 participants depending on configuration. We have many smaller rooms to accommodate your small group as well.

For rental information please contact us at 646.723.4178


Marriage celebrates the union of a man and a woman to become one in the eyes of the Lord.  Couples wishing to be married in either Calvary Church or St George’s Church are required to meet with a priest for pre-marital counseling, a requirement of the Episcopal Church’s canon law.  For information on having your wedding at Calvary please contact Laurel Marr laurel.marr@calstg.org . Please thoroughly read our marriage policies as outlined below.

Those preparing to be married at Calvary/St. George’s Episcopal Church must be active Christians as members of our church or-under special circumstances- relatives of members of our church and involved in their own local Christian community.

Christian marriage is a rite of the church and a spiritual act.  Therefore, when held within the church, the marriage service is one of praise, thanksgiving, and worship, in which God’s guidance and blessings are asked for the couple as they pledge their faith and love to each other, “until they are parted by death.”  We are not interested in, “renting out the set” hence without this commitment the term “Christian Marriage” becomes meaningless. 

Your wedding will be most meaningful to you, your families, and your friends when there is an active Christian faith in the midst of a Christian service.  With that goal in mind the following information is provided to assist you in planning your wedding service at Calvary/St. George’s.  We sincerely believe that the policies set forth are the most appropriate and practical for all concerned.  Please take the time to read them carefully and completely.

The following requirements must be met to secure approval for your wedding at Calvary/St. George’s Church. Clergy can refuse the right to service at any time; this includes the day of the wedding.

First: No other Episcopal minster or church has refused to perform your marriage.  Unless it can be shown that such a refusal was unreasonable, unjust, arbitrary, and not scripturally justifiable.

Second: In the case of either party being divorced, documents must be provided that the divorce is complete and at least one year old.  If there are children from a previous marriage it must be shown that all responsibilities to those children are being met.  Also, before the final approval the clergy must receive permission from the Episcopal Bishop of New York.  This permission can take up to six weeks.

Third: Both parties are active members of Calvary/St. George’s Church.  Membership is defined as regular church attendance at one of our three services and a giver of record.  We encourage all engaged couples to take our introductory Your Church course.